Cherished Number Plates

Whether you’re looking for a special cherished number plate or maybe just a set of actual new plastic number plates we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in the the links below.
Worlds most expensive number plate

‘F1’ The most expensive number plate in the world is up for sale (2019)

With the bidding starting at a cool £12M, add VAT and fees and it’s a mind boggling £14.7 Million! 

The F1 number plate currently owned by businessman Afzal Khan who had already rejected a £6m offer for it back in 2014

DVLA rep holding the most expensive number plate

Private number plates can be a good investment! 

Did you know the number plate above ’25 O’ was the most expensive number plate ever sold by the DVLA at a hammer price of £518,000 plus auction fees in 2014. 

Where can I buy a private number plate? The DVLA often has ‘registrations’ auctions, some are timed and some are live bidding, search DVLA Registrations for more info and the next available auction.